Cop struggles to take down suspect

Unfortunately this video ends too soon, however the point of interest is this officer’s lack of ability to control and take down the suspect. He uses wrists holds and loose head control which prevents the man from escaping until backup arrives, which is gets the job done ultimately.

4 bouncers ambush 2 men

Two men argue with two security guards. Another guard grabs one of the men around the neck from behind. As the other man looks back and is distracted, a security guard standing in front of him punches.

The guards flanked and overwhelmed the two men. Human only have eyes in one side of their head, and a split second of distraction is all that is needed to land a punch undefended.

Police officer choked by suspect, is saved by backup

This police officer is outmatched in hand to hand combat and could have been strangled to death if backup didn’t arrive. He is also lucky that the suspect wasn’t able to apply a more effective choke earlier, otherwise there would have been plenty of time to strangle unconscious and murder the officer.

This video demonstrates that guns are not a trump card and can potentially be overcome even by a person who is unarmed. It is also important to recognise that grappling skills in this specific situation represent the only way to survive.

Do not use standing headlocks – unless you’ve trained them A LOT.

The standing headlock is one of the most common positions in street fights. People who are inexperienced in grappling tend to do it instinctively, for better or worse. The results are so-so with some people successfully dragging their opponent to the ground. For others it doesn’t work at all.

It can also be potentially disastrous.

There are limitless examples of “self defence” instructional videos on the internet showing headlock escapes which involve foot stomps, groin strikes, eye gouges, throat grabs and the like, however the most effective and deadly method is the slam or suplex. Any method of throws or slams can kill on a hard surface. Being slammed while holding a headlock is one of the worst ways for it to happen.

On the other hand, those who have extensive training in the position are able to use it safely and effectively. They understand how to apply a throw, how to set up the position, how to transition to something else and when to disengage. Watch the below demonstration for an example of a safe (for both parties) and effective throw:

If you don’t understand the position inside and out, simply do not use it. You might feel like you’re doing something useful, but the risks do far outweigh anything you might pull off with nothing more than luck.

Cops fail to control man who is passively resisting

These cops first attempt to control the man by grabbing the wrists, just as they have been trained to do. The suspect passively resists, denying control. The cop then moves to the schoolyard headlock which is similarly effective. OC spray is then used which also apparently does not work. A second man begins to intervene. Video ends with no resolution.

6 police struggle to take down 1 man

The first officer to make physical contact attempts an armbar takedown which serves to spin the man around while remaining on his feet. Other police swarm and start grabbing at his arms and wrists. The police pull the man in all directions at the same time, which prevents escape but does not help to take him down.

One officer makes a half-hearted attempt at controlling the legs, but lets go. The man eventually is forced to lean forward, and in combination with tripping over the feet of one officer while being pulled forward in a headlock by another, he falls to the ground.