Bystander assists police pursuit by pushing stick through front wheel of suspect’s bicycle

…And films the incident on his own phone at the same time.


Local junkie evades Nowra LAC/Highway Patrol officers on a Mountain bike then tries making a run for it but didn’t realise I was about to send the cunt for 10!!

NGL never in a million years did I think the Good ol Stop/Slow Stick through the Front spokes was actually going to work and was going to either throw a Cone at him or just slap the cunt off his bike with the Stop/Slow sign on the other end of the stick so I gave it a go not expecting a great outcome and here was the outcome! 🤣🤣🤣


Shop owner lays counter-ambush on robbers

The robbers started this with an advantage of initiative, numbers, preparation and mental preparedness. This is why the ambush is the most effective form of attack. If the shop owner were to react at this time, he would lose the majority of the time.

This shop owner feigns submission, waiting until the robbers are no longer focused on him and draws to fire when they are at their most vulnerable. This is a counter-ambush.