Sucker punch fails, aggressor kicked in groin

Man on phone fails to read a high risk of sucker punch or simply is unsure about how to respond to the risk.

The aggressor finally attempts a very poor sucker punch and the other man responds with a kick to the groin followed by punches which knock out the aggressor.

Something to note here is that unlike in the movies, the aggressor did not crumple to the ground once kicked in the groin, in fact he barely flinched at this. Closed fist punches to the head finished the fight which were set up by the groin kick.

MMA sucker punch – before fight has started

This video demonstrates one of the core differences between combat sports and street violence – in a street fight, there is usually no agreement between parties as to when the fight will start. Attacking first and catching the other party by surprise conveys a massive advantage. This MMA fight might have lasted multiple rounds, but a sucker punch ended it before the other fighter knew what was happening.

Two knocked out as they approach man

Man punches two other males as they enter within striking distance. An example of how at this close range there is not enough time to react to a sucker punch. Most people are generally not able to predict the exact moment a strike will be delivered from the hands at waist position.


  1. Male 1 wearing white shirt stands stationary while male 2 approaches at a quick walking pace with confident and aggressive body language.
  2. Both males with hands at waist and normal standing posture, no preliminary combative stance.
  3. Male 1 immediately strikes male 2 to the head with his right hand, thrown from the waist.
  4. Male 2 falls to the ground. Male 1 stands over him.
  5. Male 3 approaches and pushes the arm of male 1.
  6. Male 1 punches male 3 from the waist without warning, he falls to the ground.


  • Male 2 appeared to expect success (submission) with verbal confrontation and posturing. He may have also been considering a sucker punch perhaps after some escalation/intimidation. This is indicated by his closing the distance without an immediate physical attack.
  • When standing at striking range with no defensive posture, either person can feasibly land the first strike if they can avoid telegraphing their intentions.
  • Telegraphing includes the adoption of a defensive stance in order to prepare for a possible attack.
  • For this reason it can be tactically advantageous to strike early while both are in a non-combative stance.