Aggressor knocked out by bystander then returns to attack victim

Any fight in a public space can be seen and judged by other people. There is always the potential for bystanders to intervene in any capacity – they may stop the fight by using physical restraint or attack someone involved when they perceive their behaviour in a negative way. Quite often, bystanders will actually prevent others from intervening so they can see how the fight unfolds.

In this case, a person intervenes to prevent what he saw as an unfair attack, then left too soon as the aggressor returned.

Woman knocked out by man despite every warning she needed to leave

Male was obviously extremely aggressive, taking an angled stance as he prepared to strike which the female failed to read. Male then actually attempted a sucker punch which missed and the female still failed to attempt escape, instead raising her fists to defend further punches.

She may have felt that she had a chance in defending herself, but more likely she felt that attempting escape would have the same outcome with the male chasing and beating her.