Police clear house and shoot man armed with knife

Police in this video clear a house room by room with a mix of best practice and sloppier methods (in particular brazenly opening doors and sticking their head or guns in) before they are confronted with a man who attacks with a knife. Luckily, in the last room they did not approach the closet door immediately and open it, allowing enough of a reactionary gap to avoid being stabbed.

Police shootout in barber shop – footage from multiple angles

Bodycam 1:

Bodycam 2:

Combined videos above and police dashcam:

The gunman fired 9 rounds from his 40 calibre firearm. Two officers fired approximately 26 rounds from their firearms, and the suspect was struck 18 times.

The aftermath of the gunfight is captured by a motorist driving past. The incredible footage shows police taking cover, assisting victims, and one cop helping another who had been shot. 4 civilians, the gunman and 1 officer were injured in the shootout. The gunman did not survive.