Shop owner lays counter-ambush on robbers

The robbers started this with an advantage of initiative, numbers, preparation and mental preparedness. This is why the ambush is the most effective form of attack. If the shop owner were to react at this time, he would lose the majority of the time.

This shop owner feigns submission, waiting until the robbers are no longer focused on him and draws to fire when they are at their most vulnerable. This is a counter-ambush.

Small man has confrontation with smaller man, is knocked out by two much larger men

The exact circumstances of this situation are uncertain, but it appears that the white male may have had someone kind of disagreement with the very short black male. The other two much larger black males then attacked him in a fairly excessive way.

Engaging in confrontations with unknown persons always carries this kind of risk. It’s doubtful the white male would have ended up in this situation if he knew the smaller man had friends.

Kurds ambush and kill Turkish soldiers – Remarkable GoPro combat footage

The most effective way to attack is the ambush. It is so effective quite simply because the victim is unprepared tactically and psychologically. It causes damage before they are aware their attackers exist, followed by confusion and fear. It’s a sucker punch on another scale entirely.

In this video, two Kurds ambush and kill several Turkish soldiers who never stood a chance.

Aggressor knocked out by bystander then returns to attack victim

Any fight in a public space can be seen and judged by other people. There is always the potential for bystanders to intervene in any capacity – they may stop the fight by using physical restraint or attack someone involved when they perceive their behaviour in a negative way. Quite often, bystanders will actually prevent others from intervening so they can see how the fight unfolds.

In this case, a person intervenes to prevent what he saw as an unfair attack, then left too soon as the aggressor returned.

Man gets out of position while fighting multiples

When this fight begins, male in black shirt is already in a bad position, facing two other men who are shoulder to shoulder. The two targets cannot be dealt with at the same time, and when attacking one, we become exposed to the other.
Black shirt reaches toward white shirt. White shirt is able to read black’s movements which were telegraphed from quite a distance. White shirt is now moving backwards and drawing black shirt into a position which exposes his right side to striped shirt.
Black shirt throws a punch while completely out of range and exposes his side which cannot be defended while he lunges and commits to his own punch. This position could hardly be any worse.
Striped shirt takes full advantage. More people get involved in the fight, mostly grappling with each other and missing strikes. Black shirt is the only person who continues to take hard strikes to the head while he is defenceless on the ground.

Complete absence of situational awareness – woman attempts to stop party

This is simply a failure of situational awareness. Woman attempts to put a stop to a large number of young people having a party. Any attempt here is toothless without a display of force. This woman is physically incapable of handling a single person here, let alone 100 of them. She must have had a remarkably sheltered life up to this point.

ISIS ambush and kill US Special Forces in Niger – video from US perspective

The Tongo Tongo Ambush


The Tongo Tongo ambush occurred on 4 October 2017, when armed militants from the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) attacked Nigerien and American soldiers in Tongo Tongo, Niger, while they were returning to base from a mission. During the ambush, five Nigeriens, four Americans, and 21 militants were killed while eight Nigeriens and two Americans were wounded. The Nigerien and American soldiers were participating in a mission to gather information on the whereabouts of Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, the leader of the ISGS.

Tactical Breakdown of the incident

3 vs 1 road rage street fight

3 vs 1, however only two of the multiples participated in the fight.

This video raises two critical issues. First, poor situational awareness. He failed to consider these dangers:

  • Multiple opponents
  • Hard surface – high risk of severe head injuries
  • Nearby traffic
  • Unknown skills, level of aggression, weapons etc. of opponents

Taking all this into account, it would have been wise to avoid any kind of fight where possible.

Secondly, grappling skills are ESSENTIAL to avoid being taken to the ground. I’ve heard so many times “I don’t train grappling because I’d never fight on the ground”. You can’t simply decide not to go to the ground, you also need the skills to prevent it. Especially when fighting multiple opponents, they gain the greatest advantage by putting you down. Learn takedown defense, learn how to reverse a bad position on the ground, learn how to get up.